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Hardware Insertion

Hardware Insertion-Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians

When it comes to the creation and the production of some of the parts and components that companies need, there would sometimes be imperfections on the product – it could be by the result of the welding process, it can be because of the bending that took place, it can literally be any reason for having a small hole in the product or the output that you have.

The answer to this is not by clamping another piece of metal or steel on top of it as it can be a tedious process and it can mess up with the proportions and the measurements of the product. Instead, hardware insertion is the key.

What is Hardware Insertion?

Hardware insertion or also known as self-clinching fastener insertion is a manufacturing process that allows manufacturers and experts in inserting specially engineered hardware or fasteners to a metal surface that quite has a few extra holes in it.

The latter term is the most commonly used now because machines are the ones doing it, not needing the supervision of operators and people. When it comes to this type of process, we here are Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians are the company that you can count on.

We are the company that never failed to recognize the opportunities that other companies and manufacturers never even bothered looking at – we came up with our own entire system of hardware insertion and it’s one of the best investments we have made.

Importance of Fasteners

If you’re unfortunately not in the know, fasteners are designed to provide some type of seal on a certain surface or workpiece. For instance, if multiple metal sheets have been welded together in all different shapes and sizes – it’s not impossible for some holes to be formed.

When the final product comes, you see that there are holes – what do you do? Do you rerun the entire fabrication process to that single product and staple over different sets of metal sheets again? What if they come out the same?

The best thing to do is to insert hardware into the holes, filling in the gap that has been left off of the surface. You may not be seeing it more but most of what we are using now aren’t perfect – they’ve just been perfected by using this hardware and these fasteners and by covering it up during the finishing part of the fabrication process.

Why We Invested in Hardware Insertion

Our company is the company that recognizes all things that might fail for our clients in the future – that includes inaccurate finishing and bending; or the act of leaving holes on a workpiece or a surface that might be the cause of a bigger problem.

But don’t worry – you can count on us for we have invested well in hardware insertion to the fact that we’ve gathered expert engineers, mechanical engineers, and even machinists to participate in the creation of a system for our hardware insertion.

Over the course of us giving and providing various metal fabrication services to our clients, we never stopped learning. We took action and we have invested in many different aspects like knowledge, tools, types of machinery – and even people.

What You Can Get With Us

Being a metal fabrication company, your expectation of what you can get with us runs from the regular cutting of metal and steel into metal sheets, rolling them or forming them to a shape that you need – down to the assembly of the parts and components, even the semi-finished parts.

However, we’re not your ordinary contract manufacturer and metal fabrication company. As a matter of fact, you can count on us to help you with a wide variety of different procedures and services, some of which include:

  • Complete and Overall Metal Fabrication Process
  • Fabricated Product or Goods Outsourcing
  • Laser Cutting Services and Designs
  • Comprehensive Welding (Aerospace welding, Spot welding, etc.)
  • Steel and Metal Rolling
  • Press Brake Bending
  • And Many More!

Those aren’t just what we can help you with – contact us to know more about the services that you can entrust to us for your production or for your business!

Higher Productivity Rate

When you choose us to help you with the hardware insertion requirement you have, you can succumb to a higher and a lot better productivity rate because you can instruct your workers and your laborers to do and commit to more important and more essential activity.

You can pass unto us the task of filling in some of your products that need the filling and worry about how you can have sturdier and higher-quality parts, components, products, and outputs.

Done in the Right Way

Contrary to what most people believe in, hardware insertion can be done manually by people – yes, it can be done by hand. However, the productivity and the quality of the filling might not be as good as how you would do it when you let a machine perform it.

With the advanced equipment, technologies, and machinery we utilize, you will not worry about the precision and the accuracy of the insert – in fact, even the pressure and the positioning of it will be on point.

Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians is a company that you can bank on if you need to perform mass hardware insertion. We have advanced CNC types of machinery and equipment and you will never be able to find the same company or manufacturer out in the market with the same type of skillset and investments we have poured into hardware insertion.

Want to experience a hassle-free hardware insertion for the hundreds – or even thousands of products and units you need to produce? Work with a company that utilizes cutting-edge technology in delivering all the types and kinds of products that you need.

Give us a quick shout here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians and we will be prepared to help you within the realm of our power. Work with us and experience high-class and high-quality services without paying for a ridiculous and absurd rate!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Kentucky. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Kentucky.

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