Sheet metal edge rounding-Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians

Sheet Metal Edge Rounding

Sheet metal edge rounding-Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians

When it comes to the finishing of steel and other sheet metal products and components, sheet metal edge rounding or deburring is one of the many things that manufacturers would never forget – especially if they are to produce only metal sheets.

Rounding the edges of metal and steel does not only create a “stopping” effect off of the material – it gives a sense of safety and security, too. So if you need to round the edges of your product to make it safer and more secure, you can count on us here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians for it.

We’ve been the state’s number one pick when it comes to sheet metal finishing – and metal fabrication overall. You can trust us too; we will never disappoint you with the results and the deliveries we will perform!

Types of Metal Finishes

Other than deburring or sheet metal edge rounding, there are other types of finishes for your steel or your metal sheet. In fact, most of these are the most popular because of the aesthetics that they provide for the output or the product.

Some of these include:

  • Powder Coating – spraying of melted powder to the surface, producing matte, glossy, or textured finish
  • Vibrating Finish – positioning of material inside a drum or machine filled with pellets of abrasive as well as a substrate to help in the deburring or the smoothening of edges, eradicating the sharpness of it.
  • Sand Blasting – blasting of sand using pressure – at a high speed, forcing the sand and other types of abrasives to be attached to the surface
  • Brushed Metal – carefully touching the rotating abrasive belt to the surface, removing the imperfections off of the surface or the exterior of the product
  • Hot Blackening – spreading a thin layer of oxide (color of black) to the surface creating a matte texture. This increases the exterior’s resistance to abrasive and decreases the chances of inflammation.

These are just some of the few finishes – there are a lot more and they will really all depend on how you want the product or the output to be finished.

Where Does Deburring Fall?

So deburring is both a way to fix and enhance the quality and the aesthetics of the product or the component and at the same time, it provides a safety check of the product or the output by making sure that they’re safe to be used and that they would not cause any type of injury to the people who would be working on it.

Deburring falls under the metal vibration finish where it smoothens the edges of a certain product out. However, sheet metal edge rounding is done in a different way. Nevertheless, their goal is the same and that they can be used by a manufacturer or a fabrication company to keep both their clients and their employees safe.

Do You Need Sheet Metal Edge Rounding?

So if you’re a fabrication company or you’re a manufacturer – do you really need this procedure? How would this procedure benefit you and your project? How can all of these be advantages? Sheet metal edge rounding and deburring processes and procedures can help by:

Other than protection, sheet metal edge rounding procedures are made for the purpose of producing even sides of your material or your component. By smoothening its edges out, you’ll get around and evenly-distributed length.

Before delivery, there would be an inspection that would happen to keep everyone on the safe side. One of the things that will be checked is the edges of the metal or the product – is it rounded enough to keep everyone that would touch it safe?

More often than not, edges that are not tampered with and are remaining sharp would fail this test, causing delays and problems with the delivery.

If the sheet metal or the product is to be fed on an industrial or a manufacturing machine, then smoothening its edges out can help you not only save your employees from injuries and accidents but also keep your types of machinery and your equipment safe, too.

For example, if you are going to use a press brake for it, the punch of the brake might be damaged and scratched depending on the pressure pushed as well as the amount of force taken by the workpiece.

When your product or your output is welded, keeping it out in the open can make it brittle –the weld will go off over time faster than what you were expecting. However, if you round the edges or the surface, you’ll get a nice cup of cover on the weld keeping the seam of the weld intact and in shape.

You’ll have fewer times to worry about the quality of the weld being compromised.

So Would You Now Round Your Product or Your Metal Sheet’s Edges?

If you still think that it’s only for the protection of people or your machinists – think again. What’s more, is that you can actually have it done by a fabrication company or a manufacturer for you to receive it only when it’s safe to be worked and operated on.

In fact we here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians are the full-service metal fabrication company and contract manufacturer that has been servicing the entire state of Kentucky tremendously – giving only the best quality of products and outputs.

Whether your business is involved in the commercial or the retail industry – or if you’re part of the manufacturing industry and you need help in terms of creating some items because of productivity and work-related issues, we’re open!

Our mission as a company is to make sure that all our clients and our partners are comfortable with their workload and how they perform and do their business. If it involves us interfering in terms of production, we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Request for an estimate of the services you need and work with the best and the highest-rated manufacturer in the state!

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