Laser cutting process-Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians

Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting process-Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians

Many clients and businesses think that the laser cutting process is more difficult and a much more extensive process than how the regular metal cutting procedure is. As a matter of fact, it is a lot simpler, easier, and it’s a process that requires less effort – especially if the laser cutting machine is CNC.

But how exactly does the laser cutting process work? What activities and programs are involved? In this article, we here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians will help you in recognizing the laser cutting process from start to finish. In addition to that, we can also dictate some benefits you might get when you choose us to cut your metal!

Firstly, we need to understand the entire process of laser cutting – what is it really?

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process of cutting anything from wood, plastic, rocks and gemstones, metals, steel, and anything that is needed in the manufacturing process. It is a subtractive method to achieve the final size and shape of the workpiece.

With the many things it can cut and pierce through, we here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians specialize only in sheet and metal fabrication – we do not offer services for plastic, wood, or rocks of any kind.

It’s an advantage if you need metal products, parts, and components because you would know and you would realize that the focus we have in the process of sheet and metal fabrication goes over and beyond what other companies can offer.

How Lasers Cut

It might be easy to understand but how does laser actually cut through the material? Does it involve a series of different components and compounds? The beam from the laser is emitted from the “laser tube.” Then, its light reaches the tip or the “laser head” and it’s bounced off by several mirrors within the tube.

When it reaches the “lens” or the part where it helps the laser focus, the beam is bounced to the material, cutting it.

Traditional Laser Cutting and CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Back then, traditional laser cutting was done using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers to cut through various sources. There were those capable of cutting steel and metal while there were those that weren’t. As it slowly evolved, it became a widely popular process in the metal fabrication and manufacturing industry.

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) laser cutting machines were brought to life and it helped a lot in the laser cutting process. Instead of being controlled by an operator, the entire design and the pattern was pre-programmed to a computer, then it was what the laser cutting machine would be dictating.

From the speed, the intensity of the laser, the focus – everything was pre-programmed so that less labor is needed.

The Laser Cutting Process

So how does the entire laser cutting process work? With us here at Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians, our laser cutting process starts off with the feeding of the design in vector file format then it’s fed to the computers to dictate the movement and the action of the laser cutting machine.

In a wider and a more detailed sense, the laser cutting process works as follows:

The very first step in laser cutting involves the feeding and the preparation of the design or the artwork. If you have one and if its’ already in the vector file format, you can send it to us and we can brainstorm on what the needed materials are for the maximum effect and results of your project.

Don’t worry because our laser cutting machines are able to cut through mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel, bronze, and many more!

Either through manual laser cutting or the CNC laser cutting machines we have, we would need to set the laser configuration so that the laser is efficient, effective, and that it’s going to produce the amount needed.

Via CNC, there would be fewer configurations because the system or the program of the machine would help and aid in the configuration setting of the laser cutting machine.

Once everything’s all set, the laser cutting process would be carried out and it’s going to be depending on the output needed the quality of the cuts, and the required outputs per day.

Rest assured that we will be giving you only the best, the most durable, and the highest quality of materials, parts, and components you need for your equipment, your project, or your commercial product.

Our Usual Clients

Since we’re contract manufacturers specializing in steel and metal fabrication, the usual flow of clients that we have are always in the likes of businesses and companies in the medical industry, those in merchandising and in manufacturing, automotive for car parts, aerospace – and even the construction and structural industry.

Whether or not you see the industry you’re in, contact us if ever you need any type of laser cutting process to produce the parts and components that you need. You will never regret your decision of working with us – you’ll always get the best results and products for your company or your project.

Why Are we the Best?

All our clients when they experience working with us, consider us to be the best and the most efficient contract manufacturing company. Not only because of the quality of products that we offer as well as the timeline and deadlines we beat – but because we can also provide excellent customer experience and satisfaction to the businesses and clients that need our help.

Kentucky Contract Manufacturing Technicians has been the name of the game when it comes to contract manufacturing. We’ve been the go-to company and business of every business – from those that want help and assistance in the entire steel and metal fabrication process to businesses who are just looking for aid in cutting their workpieces.

Give us a call and get the estimate for the products and the outputs you need! You’ll never regret your decision of working with us! Experience world-class quality services at the lowest rate!

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